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Archive: 2017

News functions 23 Apr - Large Tortoiseshell at Dungeness. Tatty Large Tortoiseshell at Dungeness Bird Observatory seen by 3 observers

21 Apr - Purple Hairstreak update 2. The second egg has now hatched - see photo. Unfortunately I did not find any Red Admiral larvae or larval tents in the area

20 Apr - 3 firsts of the year. 3 firsts of the year in the Stevenage area - Holly Blue, Speckled Wood and Orange-tips but the highlight was a sighting of an unusual Small Tortoiseshell ab griseomarginata

17 Apr - Purple Hairstreak update 1. The 2nd egg in Knebworth Park is still unhatched although now of a more dirty white colour

15 Apr - Red Admiral update 5. On 13 April, I revisited Fairlands Valley Park to check the nettle bed for any RA larvae. Found tent which looks good for RA but inconclusive - photo. However returning on 15 April revealed nothing. Perhaps the larva (if any) had moved on

12 Apr - Below average year for butterflies in 2017 in UK. Reported by Butterfly Conservation here. Species accounts updated accordingly

8 Apr - Churchill's favourite butterfly to return. Climate change may allow the Black-veined White to return to the UK - see Butterfly Conservation blog

5 Apr - 22 butterflies!. The early afternoon walk around Fairlands Valley Park (in only 10c temperatures but strong sun) produced 6 Brimstone (all males), 6 Peacock, 8 Comma and 1 Small Tortoiseshell. Later, a Peacock sunning itself on concrete post in garden

3 Apr - First Commas of the year. Stevenage transect walk yielded 3 Commas, all basking on the ground

2 Apr - Do cold winters really benefit our butterflies?. See Richard Fox's article on Butterfly Conservation's blog

21 Mar - Purple Hairstreak egg. In Knebworth Park, second Purple Hairstreak egg found on one oak - may soon hatch photo. Despite glorious sunshine, no butterflies on the wing

15 Mar - Large Tortoiseshell in Sussex. Large Tortoiseshell reported from Woods Mill, Sussex at 1:45pm close to where some were seen last year Could it possibly be breeding here?

13 Mar - My first butterfly of the year. A Brimstone hugging the south-facing wall of my house at 12:15 pm. Temperature in the shade 10 degrees

9 Mar - White-letter Hairstreak egg hatched. At Six Hills Common, egg hatched since 25 February but was unable to find caterpillar - will check again in the coming days. Photo

17 Feb - Record 31 species in TL22 in 2017. Pages updated accounting for all records received for 2017 plus some minor cosmetic changes

25 Jan - Speckled Wood sighting and pupa. Seen at Bow, London. Also a larva pupating in South Wales - on twitter

17 Jan - Red Admiral update 4. Disappointing to find no larvae or eggs in Knebworth Park but there are very few nettles growing now with Ground Ivy taking over. Yesterday at Fairlands Valley Park, still plenty of nettles but unfortunately no eggs or larvae

7 Jan - Red Admiral update 3. In Knebworth Park, I found one egg still unhatched (on nettle) but no larvae - have they perished?

1 Jan - Happy New Year to all. For last year's news click here