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Archive: 2017

News functions 17 Feb - Record 31 species in Stevenage area in 2017. Pages updated accounting for all records received for 2017 plus some minor cosmetic changes

25 Jan - Speckled Wood sighting and pupa. Seen at Bow, London. Also a larva pupating in South Wales - on twitter

17 Jan - Red Admiral update 4. Disappointing to find no larvae or eggs in Knebworth Park but there are very few nettles growing now with Ground Ivy taking over. Yesterday at Fairlands Valley Park, still plenty of nettles but unfortunately no eggs or larvae

7 Jan - Red Admiral update 3. In Knebworth Park, I found one egg still unhatched (on nettle) but no larvae - have they perished?

1 Jan - Happy New Year to all. For last year's news click here